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    I am proud of my last name and was dismayed when I first heard of Breitbart News, its divisive rhetoric and the right wing conspiracy theories it promoted. Fortunately, relatives had researched the family tree and it was quickly determined that Andrew Breitbart, the founder of that organization was not related to me.

    Growing up, my dad and grandfather often told stories about one of my ancestors, Zishe Breitbart, known in the early 1900’s as the strongest man in the world. There is even a movie about him! That’s someone I am happy to be related to.

    In 2011 Breitbart News was out of control with its wild and disparaging stories about President Obama and his policies. Something had to be done to counter the negative association with the name Breitbart, so in June of that year I reserved this web address, knowing someone else would eventually grab it, and probably sooner rather than later. I thought of a blog, or maybe a store or combination of the two. But family emergencies and health matters delayed these plans until now.

    My parents, (Sonny and Bert to their many friends) taught me the importance of empathy. Every day my mom and I still discuss the corruption and failures of the con artist, gangster, bully, buffoon, all of the above, in the oval office with wonder and disbelief. Dad felt Trump was everything a President should not be and worse. The Yiddish names he used to describe him roughly translate to parts of the male anatomy. This store is dedicated to both of you. Mom, you have been through so much pain and I hope you can learn to laugh again; maybe this store will help. Dad, you were the kindest and most giving man I’ve known and definitely not a fan of Breitbart News. I hope you are smiling down on me from somewhere.


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